Re: [guide-user] 2012 LZ1 mag errros

Woodchuk Jun 19, 2012

On 18/06/2012 2:38 PM, Christian Ambros wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> so does the different behaviour occur when you use the internal mpcorb link? If
> not, then there must be some kind of difference between how the files are
> inserted in the guide data base.
For the full MPCORB.dat file I see no difference and I have never used any other
internal Guide links to access asteroid files - at least not in the last several
One thing I have learned is not to use *Asteroid files* that are downloaded from
the MPC site using Guide format, as Bill has pointed out right on the (Add MPC
comets/asteroids) menu in Guide. This does work fine for comets though, as you are
likely aware.

Larry W