Re: [guide-user] 2012 LZ1 mag errors: bug found, fixed

Christian Ambros Jun 17, 2012

Hi Bill,

so what's your saying is that if I choose a reasonable magnification and the "right" limit of magnitudes on a let's says moderate quick computer, this "bug" won't occur?

Can the pre-sellection for 50 days and what can be seen in the given rectangle be turned of for fast computers, let's say for advanced or power users?

That leads me to an other question for speed up purposes. Do you have plans for making use of multiprocessor use and use of OpenGL? My question is based on some of my own attempts on time-critical calculations and displaying them in realtime (processes will have to end at pre-calculated dead lines).
Wouldn't OpenGL an multiprocessor support be helpful for the above issue as well?


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