Re: [guide-user] 2012 LZ1 mag errros

Ben Hudgens Jun 16, 2012

Bill, Everything works as it should regarding the minor planet except for displaying the 'x' for 2012 LZ1.

Example... I use the shortcut key ";" to call up the 'select asteroid' window. That works, screen refreshes and the asteroid is now centered but not displayed. I can then right click, get all the 'more info' with no problem and also click the toolbar button 'make ephemeris' and that works for the asteroid. More info shows absolute mag. 19.7 and slope parameter of 0.15. Will send you the 'remarks' file separately.

Guide is plotting it in the correct position. Friday evening, I used Guide to control the imaging scope and in the images it was very close to the predicted positions.

It is just that this particular asteroid will not display until I set the limiting mag in the display for 16.6. 16.5 or anything brighter for a limit will cause this asteroid not to be displayed. Tonight the asteroid is 14.7 and same problem. Only when I set the limiting mag to 16.6 or dimmer will 2012LZ1 display properly.

I also tried a short test with a five deg field to see if there might be other asteroids with this problem of not being displayed. All other asteroids with similar magnitude (13-14) displayed with no problem. It seems that only 2012LZ1 has this strange display problem.

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Hi Ben,

I'm not having any success at replicating this either.

When you right-click on 2012 LZ1 and ask for "more info", what do you see?
If you can save the remarks to a file and e-mail that to me (or post it on-list),
that would probably help. My first thought was that there might be some sort
of epoch problem. But the default epoch for MPCORB right now is 2012 Mar 14,
and the intervening perturbations are not enough to seriously distort 2010 LZ1
(which isn't really all that especially close to us anyway, so it's not
surprising that perturbations don't matter all that much.)

Are the positions and distances you see in roughly the right ballpark? (If it's
in the right place, but still shows up faint, then I have to wonder if the
absolute magnitude data is getting mangled somewhere.)

-- Bill

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