Re: [guide-user] 2012 LZ1 mag errros

Woodchuk Jun 15, 2012


Yes I saw that in that file but was unable to get guide to read it -- at least
Guide still said 2012 LZ1 did not exist. I believe the file has to be converted so
guide can read it ??? Suggestions??

I have had Guide do a complete error shutdown twice trying to load that file.

So I will resort to my old tried and true method and keep guide running smoothly --
I hope:-)

Larry Wood

On 15/06/2012 1:32 AM, Christian Ambros wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> 2012 LZ1 does exist in MCORB. It's located in the near earth object file not in the main file, because it is a near earth crosser. I you update your database with link in guide9 you'll find it. That's what Ben did. But he has trouble getting it displayed with a magnitude limit of 13.9 which is what's estimated for this asteroid. It has nothing to do with finding it anyway.
> Ben found the data but it isn't displayed at the given limit.