Re: AW: [guide-user] How to enter my location in Guide9

Albert van Duin Jun 3, 2012

Hi Ludwig,

Thanks for your quick reply. When I switch the language to Dutch (I
usually work in English mode), Guide responds in exactly the same way.
When I choose the town of Assen (near Beilen) or some other Dutch towns
they are found, but wen I type Beilen, it is not found.
Very strange...

Or do I need to add some specific files? I've installed the latest
version of Guide9 from the DVD.


On 3-6-2012 11:32, Hartwig Luethen wrote:
> Hi Albert
> Did you load the dutch language files?
> Hartwig
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> Betreff: [guide-user] How to enter my location in Guide9
> Hi all,
> I'm not able to find my home town in Guide9.
> I located my town (Beilen, the Netherlands) in the cities folder in
> the nether.ecu file.
> But when I enter "Beilen" in the settings-location menu by clicking
> "Enter location name" I get the message: Location not found.
> So I have to enter the coordinates manually each time I switch
> locations, very inconvenient...
> Am I doing something wrong?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Albert van Duin
> <>
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