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tom Jun 1, 2012


Thanks for the suggestions.

>Tom, "SA2_PATH=19;C:\Program Files\Guide8\Sa20" works for me, showing stars
>down to 20.1 mag.
>It doesn't matter where I store Sa20 on C: Drive, inside or outside Guide8's
>Did you update 'Display > Star Display > Limiting Magnitude' field to at
>least 15th mag limit?

I have it set to mag 20.

>make sure your A2 data Directory Filename is correctly specified in
>Guide.dat, including caps for Drive.
>A2_PATH=15.0;D:\A2 ,,,or

I have tried both caps and lower good...

>Continued problems may mean A20 data needs to reside on C: Drive. HTH...joe

I tried to move the data to C drive but no good...I await any more suggestions you might have...


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Tom, do you receive an messages?...joe :)

"May You Go Among The Imperishable Stars"
Joe Mize
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> Bill,
> I loaded the A2 files (with the exception of some .TAR files on some of
> the disks). The A2 folder now consists of a bunch of and
> ZONExxxx.acc files totaling approx. 5.88 GB. I have tried loading this
> folder on both the C and D drives. Changed the GUIDE.DAT A2_path statement
> as specified in the manual trying both lower case and capitals. Don't
> think Windows cares abou case like Linux does, but it did not make a
> difference.
> Looks like I should just download the segment I need from Vizier via the
> Extra menu, which works fine...
> Thanks,
> Tom
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> Hi Tom,
> Looks to me as if you're doing the right things here. Just to check: do
> you have
> files such as d:\a2\, d:\a2\, etc.?
> I ask in part because I've not seen a two-sided USNO DVD for A2.0. There
> _is_ such
> a thing for UCAC-3, and I'm wondering if that's what you have. (There are
> also a few
> DVDs with A2.0 wandering out there. I made a few, then sent them out to
> people on
> condition that they be willing to copy them, then mail them to the next
> person who
> wanted them. That got the data out to quite a few people. But those were
> on two single
> sided DVDs, not one double-sided DVD.)
> -- Bill
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