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tom Jun 1, 2012

My apologies...It appears I was copying USNO UCAC3 rather than A2. I have 11 A2 disks which I am copying as we speak.

Thanks for the help,


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Tom, "SA2_PATH=19;C:\Program Files\Guide8\Sa20" works for me, showing stars
down to 20.1 mag.
It doesn't matter where I store Sa20 on C: Drive, inside or outside Guide8's

Did you update 'Display > Star Display > Limiting Magnitude' field to at
least 15th mag limit?
Make sure your A2 data Directory Filename is correctly specified in
Guide.dat, including caps for Drive.
A2_PATH=15.0;D:\A2 ,,,or

Continued problems may mean A20 data needs to reside on C: Drive. HTH...joe

"May You Go Among The Imperishable Stars"
Joe Mize
Chiefland Astronomy Village (CAV), Fla
StarFields Observatory, (SFO).

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> Bill,
> Guide 9.0 resides in my D:\Program Files\Guide9 directory. I loaded the
> entire two-sided USNO DVD into the A2 directory on my D drive. The
> directory contains the 6 USNO support files and Z001-Z360. I opened
> GUIDE.DAT and added:
> A2_PATH=15.0;d:\a2
> to the bottom of the file with Notepad, for USNO to kick in for mag 15 and
> dimmer, but USNO is not being displayed. Appreciate any thoughts...
> Tom
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