Re: [guide-user] USNO A2.0

Bill J Gray Jun 1, 2012

Hi Tom,

Looks to me as if you're doing the right things here. Just to check: do you have
files such as d:\a2\, d:\a2\, etc.?

I ask in part because I've not seen a two-sided USNO DVD for A2.0. There _is_ such
a thing for UCAC-3, and I'm wondering if that's what you have. (There are also a few
DVDs with A2.0 wandering out there. I made a few, then sent them out to people on
condition that they be willing to copy them, then mail them to the next person who
wanted them. That got the data out to quite a few people. But those were on two single
sided DVDs, not one double-sided DVD.)

-- Bill