Re: [guide-user] Guide 9 Field size

Bill J Gray Jun 1, 2012

Hi Alan,

Use Extras... Fixed Levels.

With this turned on, though, Guide will only show things at "fixed
levels"; i.e., you can go to level 1 (default size 180 degrees),
level 2 (default size 90 degrees), etc., down to level 20 (default
size one arcsecond). You can't just zoom in to any field of view you

This was a long-standing limitation in Guides 1 through, I think,
7. If you wanted, say, a three-degree field of view, you were out
of luck, because level 7 was two degrees across and level 6 was five
degrees, and there was no level 6.5. So I added the "Fixed Levels"
option. In Guide 9, I made it the default. It probably has thrown
off some long-time Guide users who got used to the twenty-level way
of doing things; my hope is that most are enjoying the ability to
just zoom in to any desired field of view.

(It does occur to me, though, that the Legend area _could_ still
show you something like "Level 6.5: 3.1 degrees", even if the "Fixed
Levels" option isn't checked. I'll see what I can do. In truth, I
was glad to ditch the twenty-level system; I felt it was one more
thing for people to have to learn, and Guide already has enough of
its own Guide-specific ways of doing things.)

-- Bill