Display time

Lawrence Jun 1, 2012

I am looking at the time displayed by Guide as I look forward a few days
during preparation of my weekly astronomy article for a local newspaper.
The display time says 0900 but I am instinctively wondering - is that
GMT or BST? Would it seem reasonable to have the time zone also shown?
If I set the time using the 'time zone' menu to 0900, it shows the
display as 0900 so I assume that this means 0900UTC (=GMT). If the
display could also show "UTC" (if not "GMT") then I would not see any
ambiguity. These are forward predictions of course. The point here is
that if I click on 'now' then the clock shows me 1543BST, but Guide
(correctly) shows 1443UTC - hence my concern when I am doing forward
planning. I do need to ensure that I am using the local time-scale.

Assuming that this confusing description makes sense to everyone, I
welcome comments - especially from Bill!

Lawrence Harris