Re: [guide-user] Partial solar eclipses in Guide

Luc Desamore May 26, 2012

If I compare Guide map with maps from links given on the Nasa web site :

I do not see any difference on the eastern limit, look at Odessa in
Texas at the south limit of the path.


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>I was looking at the local circumstances of the recent solar
> eclipse on May 20. I noticed that the eastern limit for the
> partial eclipse is drawn farther west by about 400 miles than
> it actually was. This seems to be the case for the eastern
> and western limits for all eclipses. Of course, toggling
> "Show Eclipse" off and zooming in on the Sun allows one to
> see the local circumstances of each eclipse with high accuracy.
> But this is rather time consuming.
> Is there a way to show the full extent of the eclipsed areas
> on the global map so one can quickly step through eclipses
> to find the partial ones as well as the total ones?
> Bob
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