Re: [guide-user] Next UK solar eclipse

Luc Desamore May 25, 2012

Hi Lawrence,

You have to search from an eclipse map, see in the user book page 63 :
Two options in the "Extras" menu are deserving of mention. Suppose
you want to know when the next eclipse visible in London is. You
would zoom in on that city, putting it at the center of the chart;
and toggle the "Local Events Only" option in the Extras menu. The
"Next" and "Previous" options will then keep searching until they find
an event visible from that point.
In the case of solar eclipses, there may be a lot of partial events
found in this manner. So you could then toggle off the "Partial Events"
option in the Extras menu. Doing that would force Guide to insist not
only on events visible from London, but that they be total or annular
as well. This makes determining the next total eclipse visible from a
given point quite easy to do.


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> There is probably a way to identify the date/time of the next solar
> eclipse (of any magnitude) visible from Britain - using Guide. I tried
> finding a solar eclipse using a 10-year search but all the listings
> came
> up in red. Is this truly the case?
> Lawrence Harris
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