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Pierre Laporte May 22, 2012

Hi Bill,

I donwload the wds_new.tdf in my GUIDE 9.0 in my directory, but it doen't
change anything. The WDS is still unavailable.

WDS is my main concern because I use it quite egularly.

In the GUIDE 8.0, located in the observatory laptop, I had the following
user data set after the letter U

WDS 2001

Wolf-Rayet Galaxies

Wolf-Rayet Galaxies (suspected)

WR Stars of Galactic Population

WR Stars of Planetary Nebula.

Is there line in one of the files in GUIDE 9,0 which indicate the path that
I can correct ? and if yes which one ?

Pierre Laporte


Centre d'Observation Astronomique des Monts Notre-Dame


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Hi Pierre,

I see what's going on here... I put an updated version of WDS
on the Guide 9 DVD, but the .tdf is pointing to the old file which
no longer exists!

To get around this, download

(about 8 KBytes) and put it in your Guide folder. You'll then have
a "WDS (current)" entry in your list of user-added datasets.

I'll make sure the next update includes this fix.

You mention datasets being cut off after U. What datasets did you
have starting with W or later letters? (There are some, but the
ZC and XC catalogues were provided separately, on the "extras"
page of the Web site.)

-- Bill

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