Re: bright asteroids reappear; no asteroids appear; rectangular RA/dec grids

ldjhandm May 21, 2012

See below.....

--- In, Bill J Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Catching up regarding Lawrence's "bright asteroids" coming back from
> the dead; Martin's issue with asteroids not showing up; Luc's question
> about getting rectangular RA/dec grids in cylindrical projections.
> Lawrence, my first thought was that perhaps MPC had done something
> weird with the MPCORB format. (Every now and then, it's been changed
> unexpectedly.) But I got a fresh copy of 'mpcorb.dat', and all worked
> Just Fine. So I'm mystified.
> Is it possible that you have two installs of Guide on your hard drive,
> and only one got updated?

Nope. I have always used c:\guide\etc

> Failing that, I'd suggest deleting the file 'astnames.dat'. This
> will force Guide to rebuild MPCORB-related files; it could be there
> is some other cached file that hasn't been properly cleaned out.

Did the delete - no difference.

> (Seems unlikely, though; once you got rid of the spuriously bright
> 2010 DK71, I can't see how it could possibly come back!)
> Also: when you click on Help... About Guide, what version date
> do you see?

19 April 2012

This is all done on my 'main' computer. I have a near-paralled system running on my 'observatory' laptop. I have just updated the version to the latest (G-9) etc and it, too, shows 2010 DK71.


> -- Bill