Re: unusually bright asteroid/update

ldjhandm May 16, 2012

Oh dear, guess what bug has just resurfaced?

I have just been looking at some routine displays and there was an asteroid showing mag 2.3! 2010DK71 has appeared despite my using (1) the latest MPCorb (16 May) and the latest Guide version.

Some bugs just refuse to leave.

Lawrence Harris

--- In, Bill J Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Gerhard,
> I was about to reply, "_That's_ strange... the bug is
> definitely fixed." And it is (and I'm pretty sure it's the
> same bug that Lawrence is reporting.)
> However, your post caused me to realize that it's not
> enough just to apply the update. There will still be a cached
> file that contains the wrong data. To persuade Guide to
> re-build that file correctly, the simplest thing to do is
> to download a new 'mpcorb.dat' file. (Clay has probably done
> just that; that's why he's not seeing these bizarrely bright
> asteroids.) When Guide sees that the new 'mpcorb.dat' doesn't
> match the one it was using, it'll rebuild various files,
> including the one that has some H=0.15, G=0 objects.
> If you don't want to download a new 'mpcorb.dat', you can
> go to Extras... Asteroid/Comet Options. If the check-box for
> "Show All Asteroids" is checked, un-check it. Then set the
> number of asteroids shown to, say, 100 (meaning only the first
> hundred numbered asteroids will be shown).
> This will cause Guide to re-build the mangled file. Then
> you can go back to Extras... Asteroid/Comet Options, and set
> things back the way you had them.
> -- Bill