Re: unusually bright asteroid/update

ldjhandm May 5, 2012

Thanks Bill and others

I didn't realise that my dat file was some weeks old - sorry! I have done these things and all is now well.

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--- In, Bill J Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Gerhard,
> I was about to reply, "_That's_ strange... the bug is
> definitely fixed." And it is (and I'm pretty sure it's the
> same bug that Lawrence is reporting.)
> However, your post caused me to realize that it's not
> enough just to apply the update. There will still be a cached
> file that contains the wrong data. To persuade Guide to
> re-build that file correctly, the simplest thing to do is
> to download a new 'mpcorb.dat' file. (Clay has probably done
> just that; that's why he's not seeing these bizarrely bright
> asteroids.) When Guide sees that the new 'mpcorb.dat' doesn't
> match the one it was using, it'll rebuild various files,
> including the one that has some H=0.15, G=0 objects.
> If you don't want to download a new 'mpcorb.dat', you can
> go to Extras... Asteroid/Comet Options. If the check-box for
> "Show All Asteroids" is checked, un-check it. Then set the
> number of asteroids shown to, say, 100 (meaning only the first
> hundred numbered asteroids will be shown).
> This will cause Guide to re-build the mangled file. Then
> you can go back to Extras... Asteroid/Comet Options, and set
> things back the way you had them.
> -- Bill