Re: [guide-user] Centering eclipse maps

Laren Dart May 2, 2012

Hi Luc,

In trying to find a work-around for the contrast problem in eclipse
maps, the circle was deleted from the cross-hair symbol in hope the
pick symbol could be edited by itself. That didn't work. A toggle
would solve this problem if the cross-hair icon gave
on|off|black|white options. This would really help when working with
multiple historical sites over extended periods of time. However,
after spending most of the past two days on this problem, I gave up.

One setting is more of a nuisance than a problem in searching
historical eclipses. If 0 is used in Settings|Mark_interval it turns
the time marks off. As soon as another eclipse is found, it turns
the marks back on. Each time, you have to go back to
setting/mark/0. If 0 was the default this wouldn't happen.

One feature, Transparent Moon, is of no use in eclipse maps. But for
observers of occultations who want to see what's behind the Moon this
works great. Can't remember now where it came from, but it's been in
my File|Load Marks... for a long time. Be a good addition to the
Moon's Display Options.

Thanks for your responses, Luc.


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>Hi Laren,
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> > Bill mentioned Pick somewhere (?). It needs to be added in
> > guide.dat. if you want it. PICK_SYMBOL=e0,0,30; adds a white
> > circle 30 pixels in diameter. >
>With this line adapted from above, the cross-hair is still more visible.
>There is one circle more :

Laren Dart

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