Re: [guide-user] Centering eclipse maps

Luc Desamore Apr 30, 2012

Hi Laren,

I set the central cross hair in white via the grid option and noticed that
it takes always the negative color of the background.
Black - > White
Blue -> Yellow
Green - > Orange
White - > Black

etc ...

I think that it could be what you need.

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> At 01:26 AM 4/28/2012, you wrote:
>>Hi Laren,
>>Is the cross hair center not supposed to be always in the center of the
>>screen ?
>>It is not that difficult to find it. You may try to change the color in
>>ticks, grids ... to get a little more constrast.
> Hi Luc,
> Yes, the cross-hair is always at the center of the screen. When it's
> turned on, it simply centers the screen wherever you click. But you
> taught me something new, Luc, and thanks for that. I've been a Guide
> user since 2000 but never knew you could do more than turn it on and
> off with the icon. No color combination worked. You're right, it is
> a question of contrast. The "Pick" feature works, but uses the same
> color as the cross-hair and has the same contrast problem. I believe
> a B/W toggle option would work in _any_ display mode regardless of
> the background color. My use of Guide is in researching historical
> eclipses, but I try to keep an eye out for anything which might help
> observers. Pick is one of those "anythings" and might be useful in
> planning to observe a later modern eclipse.
> Bill mentioned Pick somewhere (?). It needs to be added in
> guide.dat. if you want it. PICK_SYMBOL=e0,0,30; adds a white
> circle 30 pixels in diameter. Open a field of 5 degrees centered on
> Alcyone in the Pleiades. When you right click on a star, the info
> dialogue opens with a white circle around the star. If you click
> Next, the circle jumps from Alcyone to the star closest to
> Alcyone. Click Next again and the circle jumps to the next closest
> star. This doesn't add much unless you have a passion for white
> circles. But if clicking does _not_ jump to the next closest star
> each time, set Display|Stars to a fainter magnitude.
> I started describing how Pick might be useful in planning
> observations of a live future eclipse instead of the old dead ones a
> few of us love so much. <G> But the post got too long, so I split it
> and will try to post that separately, hopefully tomorow.
> Laren
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