Re: [guide-user] Centering eclipse maps

Luc Desamore Apr 28, 2012

Hi Laren,

Is the cross hair center not supposed to be always in the center of the
screen ?
It is not that difficult to find it. You may try to change the color in the
ticks, grids ... to get a little more constrast.


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>I sent this but apparently it didn't really go. If it comes through
> twice, I apologize. LD
> The centering cross is practically invisible on eclipse maps except
> in the dark total eclipse path. To show this, go to a known total
> eclipse such as Babylon, April 15, 136 BC. (For observers, any
> eclipse will do.) Set the field to 20 degrees, center on Al Hillah,
> Iraq. If you didn't know where the cross is, you would never be able
> to find it, you have to reload the map. There is a small open space
> just below Al Hillah within the totality path, recenter on that. Now
> re-center on a blank space in the first "partial eclipse" band, then
> step outward band-by-band and see how the visibility of the cross
> changes. The cross doesn't need to be colored. It might be more
> useful in some cases if clicking on the toolbar gives a "black/white
> option". One of these should always work.
> I think this would be a useful feature, but I'm not a programmer. It
> might not be worth the work.
> Laren, using version 19 April, 2012
> Laren Dart
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