Re: [guide-user] lunar phase window

Laren Dart Apr 25, 2012

Hi Bill,

Sorry for the slow response. After reading your post I decided to
install Guide 9 strictly from scratch, exactly as a new user would
have to. Everything works fine. Help|About now shows 19 Apr 2012 version.

>Was the Guide 9 DVD in the drive?

Yeah, I finally realized it was for real rather than a bug, went
ahead and inserted the DVD. I had to go back to Guide8 for files
which others might like, primarily those for impact craters and a
transparent Moon feature. The files I copied from guide8 work fine,
but for some reason I can't run guide8.exe anymore. Kept getting MFC
crashes, been a long time since that has happened. I still have the
disks, maybe I'll re-install it without upgrading it to Guide9.

There were two user files of impact craters on Earth in Guide8, the
original .tdf and a later link to a database containing _many_ more
craters. (There is even an impact crater named for Agatha
Christie!) Transparent Moon (linemoon.mar) is useful if you want to
see what is behind the Moon at the observed time.

Would it be possible to make the Settings|Mark interval on the
eclipse maps a toggle? This feature is useful for observers, but not
of much value for researching historical eclipses. When scanning for
the Next|Previous eclipse, as soon as one is found the time marks
turn back on. Scanning 4 or 5 sites for eclipses prior to 500 BC,
mainly in 500 year scans, does get tiresome after a few hours.