Re: [guide-user] lunar phase window

Bill J Gray Apr 23, 2012

Hi Larry,

> Using the 19 April 2012 version, I had problems
> with lunar phase tables. Then I remembered that
> clicking on .bin extensions lately had started
> opening the VLC player. I broke that link
> connection.

Hmmm... that shouldn't have affected Guide at all!
It's quite aware that 'phases.bin' just contains lunar
phase data. (I wish Microsoft could be cured of its
belief that it can tell the type of a file from its
extension, but that's a rant for another day.)

What sort of trouble did you see in the lunar phases?

> The only problem I have now is that the "Install to
> hard drive" dialog box is totally blank.

Was the Guide 9 DVD in the drive?

This is something I really should have thought of a
long time ago, but hadn't until I read your e-mail. Then
I tried it out, using Extras... Install to Hard Drive
with no Guide disk in the DVD drive. Whenever you use that
function, Guide checks to see what data might be available
there. (With Guide 8, it was assumed that it might be disk
1 or disk 2, and you got a different list of installable
options depending on what the program found.)

With no DVD in the drive, Guide found no data and provided
an empty list. I should revise it to provide a more helpful
message, such as: "No Guide disk found in DVD drive. Please
insert the disk and try again." Should be an easy fix. Thanks
for mentioning it.

-- Bill