Re: [guide-user] lunar phase window

Laren Dart Apr 22, 2012

Hi Bill,

Using the 19 April 2012 version, I had problems
with lunar phase tables. Then I remembered that
clicking on .bin extensions lately had started
opening the VLC player. I broke that link
connection. The only problem I have now is that
the "Install to hard drive" dialog box is totally
blank. I checked user .tdf files and the only
one checked is Detailed Cities. Don't know if
this will give you an Aha! moment but sure hope so.


At 06:47 PM 4/17/2012, you wrote:
>Hi John,
>Hmmm... do you mean that Tables... Lunar Phases doesn't
>list anything? Or that Display... Legend... Lunar Phase
>puts an empty box in the legend area? Or something else?
>If it's Tables... Lunar Phases that fails, I'd recommend
>checking Extras... Install to Hard Drive to see if the
>"Planet features (16 MBytes)" option is checked. This should
>result in copying over (among other things) the file
>'vsop/phases.dat'. Thus, if you installed Guide to the
>folder c:/guide9, there should be a file called
>If it's _not_ copied over, there are potentially larger
>issues going on here; i.e., other files that have mysteriously
>not been copied. I've not heard of such a thing, though, so
>my guess is that you'll find the "planet features" option isn't
>If, on the other hand, it's the Display... Legend...
>Lunar Phase option that isn't working, I'd check to make sure
>the time you've set isn't for a new moon. Can't think of anything
>else that would cause such a thing to happen.
>If none of the above fixes the problem, I'd suggest you e-mail
>me the file 'startup.mar' from your Guide folder so I can see
>what your settings are.
>-- Bill
>jafarrell2001 wrote:
> > I installed Guide onto an SD card in a laptop
> and installed everything (I thought) to the
> card. Everything seems to work properly except
> the lunar phase display, which pops up an empty window.
> >
> > If I put the Guide disk into the reader, the
> phase display works, so it appears that a file
> or files were not copied to the card. Can you
> tell me the names of the missing files.
> >
> > John
> >
> >
> >
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Laren Dart

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