Re: [guide-user] Mysteries (lock-up/crash/re-install)

Bill J Gray Apr 19, 2012

Hi Clay, Lawrence,

Um. No idea on _this_ front...

As you probably recall, there were some problems a while back with
running multiple instances of Guide. It turned out that if Guide was
running twice, instance A would interfere with instance B and you
could get all sorts of weird mis-behavior. It also turned out that
if you shut the computer down with Guide running, you could end up
with some files clobbered. But _those_ problems are fixed:

(I'm assuming here that you're running at least the 2011 April
11 version of Guide. Although Lawrence, another possibility
occurs to me: were the different focal length and CCD camera
ones you had used a long time ago? I'm wondering if your computer
somehow got "time warped". Or perhaps Guide is installed in two
difference places on your computer: one that you use a lot now,
and one that was used long ago?)

I would ask that, if anything of this ilk happens again (or of
a similar ilk), you please send me a directory listing of all
files in the Guide folder. My hope would be that I'd see something
along the lines of "gee, that file shouldn't be zero bytes long!"
or "the last file written was XYZ; let's look at the chunk of
code where XYZ is handled."

-- Bill