Re: [guide-user] Re: Missing quasar?

Bill J Gray Apr 19, 2012

Hi Lawrence,

> I do seem to have problems using the correct GOTO format.
> We can GOTO 3C273 but there is no known object at 3C279.
> Perhaps not all quasars (as of the file date) are included
> in the built-in list?

Exactly. I added 3C273 as a "special case", because I
kept getting asked about it. I didn't try to do the entire
3C catalog.

For the example you mention, using Go To... TDF Object
and entering "3C 279" would work (i.e., you need the space).
But you'd need to use "3C 280.1", with the next object being
"3C 281". I don't see any particular consistency for the 3C

Most of the objects in the quasar catalog came from SDSS
(Sloan Digital Sky Survey). If you turn quasars On at a wide
field of view, ideally with labels turned off, you'll see
dense stripes and splotches across the sky, corresponding to
places where SDSS has coverage.

-- Bill