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Christian Ambros Apr 19, 2012

Hi guys,

since I'm using Guide8 and now 9 with wine under Linux, I never experienced such problems anymore. No crashes, no setting or data losses and I'm using Guide since Version 2 especially for my daily work. I know how annoying crashes during some serious obs runs are so I decided to give a try with wine and can't report anything negative. On the contrary! With wine, even USNO B1 overfilled star fields up to 21 mag are displayed in seconds, where I have to wait several minute on Windows XP and 7.

Maybe you both want to give it a try. Linux Mint Debian happens to be one of the most stable and user friendliest Distribution on the market without any necessity of having to install it. Ok if you want to enjoy all the benefits you have to install, but for a quick try its not necessary.

Can you find out what makes your machines crash? Is it some kind of segmentation faults, which normally lead to setting losses?


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>Hello Lawrence....
>Welcome to the middle-of-the-night mystery club. This happens to me all too
>frequently for no apparent reason, the most recent just two nights ago where
>Guide came up with a warning message after using it for two hours and locked up
>the telescope computers completely. I actually had to uninstall Guide, get rid
>of all the files and links and then reinstall and overlay all my backup Guide
>files in order to get back to proper operation.
>It wiped out my dome sync, the telescope operation and of course any use of
>Guide at all. This happens without warning at least 2-3 times each year and it
>is a real pain to go through in the middle of the night. I keep a backup of all
>pertinent folders to copy and paste into the NEW Guide after it is installed to
>make things transition quickly.
>I have no idea at all why this happens. I am one of the original Guide users
>from over a decade ago, and this has happened at the most inopportune times.
>As many folks have told me: "You must really love that program to put up with
>that".......and I do, or I would not.
>Dr. Clay
>Arkansas Sky Observatories
>MPC H45 - Petit Jean Mountain South
>MPC H41 - Petit Jean Mountain
>MPC H43 - Conway West
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>>I have been using Guide(-8) without any problems other than the minor
>> hiccups regarding quasar display recently discussed. I have had an
>> amazing event happen today. Only yesterday evening I was checking on
>> galaxy location etc as usual, and there were no problems.
>> This morning I started the program as usual - but it told me Guide was
>> missing from the CD-drive.... After some further checks I copied
>> guide.dat and startup from my observatory computer, only to find that
>> masses of settings have been changed beyond recognition! The toolbars
>> had disappeared so I re-instated them. The CCD display was now reading
>> for a different focal length scope (!) and a different CCD camera (!)
>> and different settings as well.
>> The grids came on set to 1 minute (I have grids off but set to 1 hour!)
>> etc etc.
>> I have no idea how this might have happened. I decided to go to my last
>> computer backup (external drive) only to find that it appears to be an
>> incremental backup and I cannot locate the original guide folder
>> (grrrr). It may take some time to reinstate all the settings but I would
>> love to know what actually caused this (overnight while the laptop was
>> off!).
>> One thought has occurred to me; the last event last night was a crash
>> with a different program. Hmmmmm.
>> Lawrence
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