Re: [guide-user] ¿Is there any update o f occultations of stars by asteroids in 201 2 to 9.0 guide?

Bill J Gray Apr 17, 2012

pastorgalactico wrote:
> Is there any update of occultations of stars by asteroids in 2012 to 9.0 guide?
> In the guide 9 is only until 2011.

$%!... thanks for mentioning this. The file for 2012 should have been
on the DVD. And since then, Edwin Goffin has kindly provided predictions
for 2013. You can download both at

(about 45 KBytes each). UnZIP them in your Guide folder; then use
Extras... Miscellaneous Tables.

These will, incidentally, also work in Guides 7 and 8 (and probably
6, though I doubt anyone is still using Guide 6.)

-- Bill