AW: [guide-user] Guide & USB serial adapter with GM4000 scope

Wolfgang Schmauch Apr 16, 2012

Hi Bill,

thanks – the GM4000 using the LX200protocol.

My problem still is and I had no explanation for :

On an older system with XP & Guide8.0 running – everything is working

Guide is able to drive the GM4000 mount in both methods,

I mean : 1. only connected to serial port,

2. connected to USB-Port with serial adapter.

But with Win7 Prof. & Guide 9.0 following happens:

1. I plug the serial Adapter to usb-Port & I got message “connected to
COM-Port 16”

2. In Guide I take this in the telescope settings

3. Try to slew the scope with the scope control, I got error message
“can´t read out”

Win7 knows the serial adapter but when I take this in telescope setting,

I got an error.

I guess the is something curious in Win7.(by managing the ports)

Did you hear this before or have a idea for?

If not, I will try out to install ASCOM



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