Re: [guide-user] Guide & USB serial adapter with GM4000 scope

Bill J Gray Apr 15, 2012

Hi Wolfgang,

After a bit of looking around, it appears that the GM4000
can be controlled with the LX200 protocol. This is good news;
it means that within Guide's "scope control" dialog, you can
choose either LX200 or ASCOM control.

I would try the LX200 control first. I'd then try both
"Slew Scope" and "Slew Guide", and the arrow keys in the Scope
Pad as well. If communication is only partial, or if the
telescope is only partially LX-200 compatible, you may find
that some commands work and others don't. It helps to try all
the commands.

These problems can be a nuisance to figure out. If the scope
manufacturer provided any software to communicate with the scope,
I recommend trying it out. This can help to discriminate between
actual computer/scope connection problems (bad cables or connections,
USB converter configuration troubles) and issues that involve
Guide in particular.

The big problem with that is that scope manufacturers often
don't provide testing software. Seems foolish to me, but it happens.

If all else fails, you may want to install ASCOM and configure
Guide to use that. It's possible that there is an ASCOM driver
specifically modified to work with your GM4000 scope. The use of
ASCOM is hotly debated, with some swearing by it and others
swearing at it, and many using it only because there is no way
of getting around it. But it's certainly worth a try if the simple,
"direct" LX200 control fails.

-- Bill