Re: [guide-user] Error message while slewing

Bill J Gray Apr 15, 2012

Hi Dave,

My apologies; thought I'd answered this one.

The way to get rid of these is to hit Alt-J and enter


scope error messages will vanish. Unfortunately, this will
clobber "real" messages as well as false ones.

When you last ran into this issue, I mentioned that Guide
would make a 'scope.log' file, giving some details as to what
is sent to the scope and what's coming back. As I recall, it
appeared that almost random noise was coming back from the scope.
Probably some sort of "failure to communicate".

It does cause me to think, though, that it sounds as if
Guide is sending data successfully, and the scope receives it
successfully. But there are issues when going in the other
direction. If so, "Slew Guide" presumably fails. For that
command to work, data would have to go from scope to Guide.
Am I correct in thinking that "Slew Guide" fails?

-- Bill