Re: Error message while slewing

lone_scope2000 Apr 15, 2012

Okay I over exaggerated how close the stormy weather is, actually the NWS says we have a few hours until it gets here. I was also wanting to double check what I buttoned down in the observatory so I just made a quick trip and checked what you asked for, I think.

The control computer uses COM 1 to control the scope and is set as follows;

Bits per second: 9600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: none
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: none

The receive and transmit buffers are set to the upper limit in Windows XP, 14 and 16 respectively. The Resource settings are;

I/O Range 03F8
IRQ 04

Since it is still light out I did a couple slews to visible planets whoever the error message is the same as comets, asteroids or anything else one would want to slew to, "Error: Reply 150!" (Jupiter) and "Error: Reply 31!" (Mars), and like I have already stated the numbers change but the rest of the message is the same over and over. I can close the error message box and within a couple seconds I will hear the scope beep telling me that it has arrived at the desired target.

Hopefully this information will be of help to someone who can lend a (proverbial)hand.


--- In, "P. Clay Sherrod" <drclay@...> wrote:
> Hello Dave....
> I know that you have reported this problem a couple of times with no
> response; since I do not know what might be happening I have no advice for
> you; can you please state the wording of the error message that you are
> receiving?
> Also, check your baud rate on the serial connection that you are using on
> your PC and see if it is perhaps set either to high or low....there is a
> sending and a receiving rate.
> Hopefully Bill or someone will chime in here pretty soon.....I remember
> seeing your question over a month ago.
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