Re: Error message while slewing

lone_scope2000 Apr 15, 2012

Hi Doc,

Thanks for chiming in, especially on a weekend day off!

I usually do forget to state specific information when posting, it is usually more of an afterthought that I do.

The message I get is always different after each slew, it just states "error: (and then a number, the part that changes each time)" as for the baud rate of the control computer I will have to check that after the bad weather passes through, at present I have things unplugged and turned off in my observatory.


--- In, "P. Clay Sherrod" <drclay@...> wrote:
> Hello Dave....
> I know that you have reported this problem a couple of times with no
> response; since I do not know what might be happening I have no advice for
> you; can you please state the wording of the error message that you are
> receiving?
> Also, check your baud rate on the serial connection that you are using on
> your PC and see if it is perhaps set either to high or low....there is a
> sending and a receiving rate.
> Hopefully Bill or someone will chime in here pretty soon.....I remember
> seeing your question over a month ago.
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