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Ben Hudgens Apr 15, 2012


I'm using Guide 9.0 and installed 'everything' when I installed from the hard drive. In the list of User datasets, there are two Quasars lists shown. One is Quasars and the other is Quasars,Rejected. I use the Quasar dataset.

This might be of help to you. Here is a link to the SEDS site that has a listing of the 'brightest' quasars.

With my 16" dob, I've been able to locate and observe several of them with the help of Guide's charts.
Ben Hudgens
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From: Lawrence
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2012 9:47 AM
Subject: [guide-user] Quasars

I decided to re-try imaging quasar 3C273 and then wondered whether Guide
has the locations/magnitudes of any other quasars. Only 3C273 came up on
a GOTO. Am I using the wrong object name(s)? Is this info actually in Guide?

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