Guide & USB serial adapter

Wolfgang Schmauch Apr 13, 2012


I got a problem described as below knows anybody help ?

On my old notebook(WIN XP) I can connect Guide8.0 with a mount GM4000.

This works with serial port and also with USB-port & serial adapter well.

On my new notebook Guide9.0 (WIN Vista7) there is no serial port.

While I connect to USB, I got a message (connectet on COM Port16)

This I change in the telescope setting menu, but when I press (Telescope->)
nothing happens (message no teleskop connected)

Also in the Device manager the settings are the same like on my old
(working) system.

I also try out every possibilty between Comport 1-16. At every port the

Has anybody an idea ?

Thanks in advance

Wolfgang Schmauch

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