How to update comets & asteroid data

Martin F Apr 1, 2012

Hello, I need some assistance regarding the procedure to update the comets and asteroid files.
I have 2 laptops, 1 is running Mel Bartels Scope.exe under dos and have Guide 8 on that laptop(Laptop 1 has no access to internet or CDrom, only A: and USB so I guess it will be a matter of copy and paste the updated Comets.dat file into the folder)

Number 2 laptop is also running Guide 8 but operated on Windows XP SP2 so there is no issues with internet. So where and how do I find the magic button to send me to a website to uptade the Comets and asteroid data?

Also, I am wrestling with how to have nothing below the horizon display on both Guide8 programs on both laptops.

I had a GUIDE 8 user Manual a long time ago, and now is lost. Is there anywhere I can get a copy?