wise all sky data release

metpaper@Safe-mail.net Mar 14, 2012

Well, as usual, just as you do something an update occurs that makes it a bit irrelevant.

The full WISE release came out last night.


and it'll probably be a longish while before it gets to VizieR, seeing as the preliminary release only just got there.

So, I've upgraded the PPMXL from VizieR tdf.

Replace the last one with that, and when you download ppmxl from vizier and right click then More Info you'll see a link out to the IRSA IPAC WISE server. Click on that and your browser will take you to a 2 arcminute area centred on the ppmxl star's position. Highlight the parts of the resulting page that contain the columns of numbers, the data, copy it, and paste it into an ascii file (via a text editor) called WISEallsky.dat that lives in the Guide directory, either freshly new or at the end of any previous entries when it's a later date.

The following file when downloaded gives the new ppmxl.tdf, and a wiseallsky.tdf file, both of which need to be copied into the Guide directory, then in the two stage process of first downloading the ppmxl objects from vizier, then outlinking to wise at irsa ipac, you can get wise all sky data in Guide should you desire it.