geo mode <--> quick info glitch

Bernd Brinkmann Mar 14, 2012

Hello Bill,

with Guide 8 and 9 I did the following:

Opened a map. Pressed ":" for geo mode (next solar eclipse), "B" (my shortcut for
previous chart in Guide 8) and "p" (Guide 9). So far so good. But when I clicked
on the "Quick Info" icon in the toolbar, the infos for the solar eclipse are
shown and not the normal info which you get for a star chart.

Only exiting guide and restart it will show the normal info page.

Clear skies

PS: I asked this long ago and forgot the answer: Was there a way to switch to geo
mode with keeping the actual time and not go forward to the next eclipse?

Bernd Brinkmann

Sternwarte Herne, MPC code A18
Herne, Germany

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