Re: [guide-user] Re: Error in TLE selection Mar 5, 2012

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From: Woodchuk <woodl@...>
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> > Yep, if you try to make a bmp the same missing by one of dialogue boxes occurs
> > (*.bmp in file name box instead of file type box) although ironically that one
> > did open up in the Guide directory...)
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> No this is ok because you don't have any other option when saving a bmp image.
> You just include the name you are giving the file which will have the bmp extension
> that already appears.
> Larry Wood

That's precisely why it should be in the file type box, if you go to Save As of any extension dictating package you have you'll see the "*.ext" bit in the File Type box. You may also see a suggested "dafaultfilename1.ext" in the filename box, but the filetype box will default to the default application extension for the type of document being saved. You've got that completely wrong, a type always explicitly appears even when the type is implicit (even if it is only *.* for "all files"). Try "save as" in MSPAINT or somesuch for a bmp example.

It currently even occurs in Guide for save anything, even Create Star List when the Save As is used from the resulting popped up generated Help Page, where *.* is entered in the file name box, for which there would be no point whatsoever, but if it appeared in the file type box... Those using the older versions can check how this pans out there.