Re: Error in TLE selection

stripe1966 Mar 3, 2012

I've run into the same problem.

On a August 16, 2011, version, this works correctly.

On a January 29, 2012, version, it does not.

From the "*.tle,*.txt", I have to delete ",*.txt" first, and then click on the [open] button to get the .tle files to appear.

And I've also noticed that the dialog box used to open directly to the Guide9 folder, but now it opens to the "My Documents" folder. It's easy enough to navigate to my guide9 folder, but it's just more mouse clicks than it used to be. I guess Bill has spoiled us!

-scott kranz

--- In, Woodchuk <woodl@...> wrote:
> When I go to menu set and click on tle selection and click on "click here to select
> tle from hard drive" and I select the proper file the window has a funny line
> (*.tle,*.txt)
> And until I delete one or the other of the extensions the file won't be read.
> I went to the "tle.hee" but wasn't able to correct it.
> I need a word from the wise. Thanks :-)
> Larry Wood