IAU MDC Showers' list updated Guide 8/9 display file

metpaper@Safe-mail.net Mar 3, 2012

The IAU MDC showers' list has been updated with some new entries :-


I've updated a file that displays these in the planetarium program Guide 8 or 9 (other planetaria exist...), and it can be found as one of several TDFs here :-


Just extract IAUMETSHWR.tdf into your Guide directory and it should automatically display green symbols labelled with IAU mnemonic code and Solar Longitude in degrees, with right click and also more info giving whether shower estabilshed or working list, solar longitude again, ra and dec in degrees, iau mnemonic code and iau shower number, geocentric velocity and a linkout which when the user is also online will open the relevant summary page for that particular shower at the IAU webpages.