WISE into Guide 8/9 from VizieR - post 2

metpaper@Safe-mail.net Mar 3, 2012

A few weeks back VizieR included the Wide Preliminary data release in its proferrings.

I had a bash at making this automatically downloadable into Guide, but certain CDS VizieR vagaries led to the need to use the FITS table instead of ASCII download format and I couldn't get the TDF to work 100% with that.

Coincidentally Bill Gray had also seen and adapted a means of downloading the stuff, and he'd got his TDF to tally better with the columns, so I could fix my route via that.

Some tweaking of how Guide deals with VizieR sourced FITS file downloads went on as well, although not strictly essential so the following should work in older versions of Guide as well as future updates. Basically some TAB characters were forced to be SPACE characters, which makes counting columns easier as some ascii readers and editors use TABs to do TABbing (funnily enough), and do not just count them as one character length.



The wide.tdf file lives in there, and needs to be extracted out into the Guide directory...

...except it ain't that easy.

The following needs to be done with Guide not running. Well, it doesn't need that really, but people seem to cause themselves problems when doing this sort of thing with Guide running, so leave it out until complete.

First you need to modify toolbars.bat and download.txt, not necessarily in that order.

Load download.txt into a text editor, probably make a hackup first of that file.

Include this line

2810 -fII/307/wise&-out.all=1 wise.dat

use other entries in download.txt to ensure the columns are lined up correctly.

It doesn't have to be "2810", as long as you are consistent when editing toolbar.dat and whatever number you pick isn't already used.

Press SAVE, not SAVE AS, to ensure you save over the file you opened, in the right place, and not somewhere obscure... ...this should stop the file being saved with any extra extensions too (eg download.txt.doc)

Now open toolbar.dat, after backing it up, in a text editor.

First increment the number right at the top by 1.

Make it a value one bigger than now, if it says 701 make it 702.

You are now going to insert the following line :-

2805 !wise.bmp WISE prelim data from Vizier

again use other entries to get the number of spaces between columns correct.

the file wise.bmp is also included in the above zip file, you extract this out into the Guide directory.

Now, you can put that line wherever you want in toolbar.dat, but where the resulting button lies with respect to other toolbar buttons is directly related to where that line lies with respect to the other lines in the file that generate the other toolbar buttons you have.

Should default to on, with little orange triangles, use Toggle User Data Sets to toggle on and off.

Save toolbar.dat, with just pressing SAVE button or Menu -> Save from your text editor, which if a proper decent one will not rename it to toolbar.dat.txt.......................... or .dat.doc or whatever.

Now you can launch Guide.

Go to a field somewhere, about a degree or two across, and click on the WISE button.

Data should be appended to a file called wise.dat (you can clean stuff out of that with an ascii editor when it gets full, or just delete the whole thing and start again).

Refresh the screen if nothing immediately appears.

There's right click help and more info, and one of the more info options is a link out to the WISE image display interface, where you can play with piccies of the object of interest, including zoom and false colour composites from several passbands and the like, just play with it for all functions, can be fun around some nebulae and galaxies for instance (for crispest images stick to the shortest wavelength passbands).

Yep, all that looks right, that should work as is out of the box.