Re: [guide-user] Setting limiting mag for UCAC3

Bill J Gray Feb 28, 2012

Hi Larry,

(Sound of palm hitting forehead) Thank you. There is an
"off by a factor of ten" problem here. If you set the mag label
limit to 1.4, for example, only UCAC3 stars brighter than mag
14 will be labelled.

Unfortunately, at the same time, Tycho-2 and Hipparcos stars
will only be labelled if brighter than mag 1.4. So this isn't
all that great of a workaround.

I've fixed it, and the fix will be visible in the next update.
Thanks for the bug report.

-- Bill

Woodchuk wrote:
> I see that when I put any number from 2 and above in the "Mag limit label" of the
> "Star display" window ALL of the mag labels for the UCAC3 stars turn on.
> The rest of the star labels turn on as normal -- the greater the number, the more
> labels turn on.
> Larry Wood