Re: [guide-user] Making bmp image

Bill J Gray Feb 25, 2012

Hi Lawrence,

I just tried to replicate this. In my case, all lines (horizon,
constellation boundaries/lines, etc.) showed up both on-screen and
in the .bmp. I played around a bit with making lines wider or using
styled lines; they still all showed up.

But I still think the problem is due to some type/style of line
working Just Fine on-screen, but not in the Windows .bmp-drawing
driver. I probably just haven't hit the magic combination. Could
you please send me the 'startup.mar' file from your Guide folder?
That should allow me to replicate the problem.

-- Bill

Lawrence wrote:
> I just created a bmp image of the planets on the western horizon but the
> actual image - unlike the display - does not include the horizon!
> Is this a bug?
> Lawrence Harris
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