Re: [guide-user] List of Alt-J commands?

Bill J Gray Feb 22, 2012

Hi Dave, all,

There is no complete list of Alt-J commands. I've started
to create one, at

I did this by doing a search through the source code, which
turned up a great many such commands. Only a few are documented
thus far (as you'll be able to tell by the mess of source code
bits following the actual documentation).

Be warned that most will be almost entirely useless to most
people. Some are completely useless (i.e., something I added a
while ago when testing something or other, and never removed).
However, one or two Alt-J commands may be very useful indeed for
almost any user... you just may have to look through a lot of
irrelevancies to find the bit you really want.

I should be able to update this in a few days.

-- Bill

dajessie2001 wrote:
> Hi Bill and Guide8/9 users,
> Is there somewhere I can find a list of all the possible Alt-J enter-able commands? I just re-found the Alt-J "PAN=90%,90%" command I'd forgotten about. A complete list would be fantastic.
> Sincerely,
> Dave Jessie