Re: [guide-user] Planetary moons with bitmaps

Richard Mallett Feb 21, 2012

Reply to : Laren Dart

> Hi Richard,
> Start at level 8, one degree. GOTO | PLANETS | JUPITER. The Jupiter
> area will be centered on the screen. You said you had trouble drawing
> rectangles. Bill does them the way Microsoft should have. Put the
> mouse arrow on IO, hold the left button down, drag just a_little_
> and you will see a small rectangle spread out from that point. Take
> your finger off the mouse button and Guide will zoom into that area.
> Repeat this as much as necessary to see the bitmap of Io. I don't
> know what other satellites have bitmaps, you'll have to explore them all.
> Hope this helps, Richard.
> Larry
> ----------

Yes, it does, thank you Laren. I was expecting to draw from top left to
bottom right (which is less accurate anyway) and it was driving me crazy

Richard Mallett
Eaton Bray, Dunstable
South Beds. UK