Re: [guide-user] Fine control over panning and zooming

Bill J Gray Feb 20, 2012

Hi Richard,

> Just to add to my previous message; drawing rectangles doesn't give very fine control
> (at least, not on my laptop) so that's not an answer to the planets / Luna problem for me.

You may have turned 'Fixed Levels' on in the Extras menu. This forces the rectangles
to be the size of the twenty zoom levels in Guide (by default, 180 degrees, 90 degrees,
and so on down to 1 arcsecond.)

I suggest leaving 'Fixed Levels' off, and setting level 20 to have a size of .001
arcsecond. Do this, and you can zoom in far beyond the realm of reason. Handy if
you want to see Nix or Hydra (small moons of Pluto) as disks.

-- Bill