Re: [guide-user] Planetary moons with bitmaps

Bill J Gray Feb 20, 2012

Hi Richard,

At present, all planets, the Sun, Earth's moon, Deimos, Phobos, and the
Galileans have bitmaps (with some having multiple maps). All the "major" moons
of Saturn, except for Titan, have bitmaps. Pluto and Charon have maps.
Amalthea (inner moon of Jupiter, a.k.a. "Barnard's moon") and Proteus (moon
of Neptune) have maps.

Several smaller moons also have shapes: Deimos, Phobos, Proteus, Amalthea,
Hyperion, Prometheus, Larissa. I recently found shape data for Phoebe, but
haven't processed it yet (it's in an oddball format). A few others have
"shapes" that are actually triaxial ellipsoids, including Pan, Pandora,
Nix, and Hydra.

Objects for which no real map is available can be mapped with a football
(soccer ball) pattern. The idea is that you see it's a sphere or ellipsoid,
but the "map" is clearly not a real one... my preference is that Guide either
show you how things are, or makes it clear it doesn't know.

Shape data is available for several asteroids, and I'm sure global mosaics
that could be turned into bitmaps are available for some. I've not actually
attempted to add these to Guide yet, though.

-- Bill

Richard wrote:
> Is there a list of planetary moons with bitmaps ? Any asteroids with bitmaps ?
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> Richard Mallett
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