Re: [guide-user] Mercury

Bill J Gray Feb 16, 2012

Hi Hans-Goran,

A "pretty new" map is included, and should be on by
default. If you right-click on Mercury (or any planet
or satellite), then on Display, then Options, you should
get a dialog listing the available maps for that planet.
For Mercury, the options should include "solid color",
a MESSENGER/Mariner-based map, and an albedo map based
on Earth-based observations.

As far as I know, nobody has produced a cylindrically
projected map of Mercury using the MESSENGER _orbital_ data.
But maps have been produced using a combination of the _flyby_
data and some Mariner 10 data, with some Arecibo radar data
used to patch in coverage gaps. This is the default map for
Mercury in Guide. You can see it at

...where I see it says that "a south polar mosaic of MESSENGER
images from orbit has recently been added." So I may have some
fixing to do. Not to mention that I _assume_ that at some point,
a stupendously detailed map or two of Mercury will be produced
from the gigabytes of data returned by MESSENGER.

-- Bill

hglindberg wrote:
> In the new ver 9 of Guide is the new maps from Messenger included
> for Mercury?
> h-g
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