Moon phase display

larendart Feb 15, 2012

Hi Thomas,

You emailed me direct, which is okay, but I'm posting to the group.

I don't understand what you mean about the "paste" key. In both Guide 8 and 9, if you click on an object, then click on another object and press "Insert", you get the angular separation between the two. In the case of the Sun, Moon, and planets, you get the angular center-to-center distance. Since the only thing I work with are eclipses, I tried the left-click, right-click, insert thing, it works beautifully and is a much quicker shortcut. For a given eclipse, each method gives the same answer.


At 01:12 PM 2/15/2012, you wrote:
Hello Larry,

Thank you for the tip with the right and left click. But with my Guide 9.0 version it works only with the paste key.

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