Re: Installing to HD

ldjhandm Feb 13, 2012

Thanks Kevin and Bill

All fixed now.


--- In, Bill J Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Lawrence,
> As Kevin mentions, there were problems with Guide 8 in its "initial" version
> with the Install to Hard Drive function. You had to _double-click_ to select
> an item, which I quickly learned wasn't what most people were expecting.
> But I'd recommend applying the update anyway. There were further defects
> in the Install to Hard Drive function that cropped up over the months after
> Guide 8.0 was released; the update fixes all such issues (and some other
> bugs found over the years).
> -- Bill
> ldjhandm wrote:
> > Next problem! Trying to install G-8 to HD. After selecting all the options
> > except languages - nothing happens. I can't remember the trick......