Re: [guide-user] H and G parameters interchanged after download

Bill J Gray Feb 13, 2012

Hi Gerhard,

Thanks for the bug report.

The case of 2010 DK71 appears to occur because MPC has no H value for
it, because the observations all came from the WISE satellite and no
photometry was reported. Basically, its brightness cannot be determined
from the data.

There's no really good fix for this situation, but use of H=0.15 and
G=0 (i.e., "this is a really huge asteroid") is definitely wrong. In
the next update, I'll probably just have Guide assume G=0.15 (the standard
default value when G is unknown) and H=99 (i.e., "it's really small and
faint, only shown when asteroids are turned On").

It is indeed likely that if an asteroid has been observed by WISE and
no one else, it's probably faint. So this is probably the closest I'll
come to an actual "fix" for the problem.

-- Bill

Gerhard Dangl wrote:
> Hi,
> after a recent download of asteroid data via the extras menue direct in
> Guide8 many asteroid elements show H=0.15 and G=0. Because of this all
> this objects are shown with a wrong brightness.
> Until now I had this several times on 2010 DK71 only. Easy to correct
> this one manually. But now there are more than hundred objects with
> wrong values.
> Which file(s) should be deleted or reloaded to correct this. A new
> MPCORB.dat did not change the situation.
> Thank you and regards
> Gerhard
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